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LEDkit™ Product List

LEDkit™ clock kits come with either blue or red LEDs. Our blue LEDs are selected for best uniformity, efficiency, and effective brightness range — while red LEDs are more affordable.

Both versions of the kit can be purchased exclusively at the Maker Store in the retail box. At the Maker Store you will find several other do-it-yourself kits that you can add to your cart there. International shipping is only available through the Maker Store.

product R B
suggested price $26.95 $34.95
image (after assembly)
LED color bright red super bright blue
brightness settings 1 2
LED binning no yes (better uniformity)
LED chip manufacturer generic Hewlett Packard
effective LED brightness 160mcd 250-500mcd

Both kits come with all materials and instructions you need to make a working clock. standard features apply to both models.

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