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What Customers Are Saying

It was extremely easy to assemble, troubleshoot and set up. The LEDs are
very bright and add an amazing blue glow to your room.

-- Brian B. of West Islip, NY
   Lead Teacher for Technology Education

Simplicity. Clarity. Accessibility. But mostly Flexibility. My clock is
modified from the original -- soldered, half the number of LEDs.
I've bridged the switch with my own.

-- Mark Wilson

It's really amazing and engenius the way it works.
Simple, pretty neat, and easy to put together.

-- Edward, age 13, Houston, Texas.

The LED clock kit is a great kit.  I am an Electronics Teacher and I built
the clock kit for the classroom. It has caused much positive discussion. 

-- Rodney

Assembly was done with my friend Mark Pump. We found the design of the
product very interesting. In addition, We felt that we needed to
solder the connections to make them more permanent. We liked the very
bright LEDs. Mark used the extra LEDs to make flashlights. I use the
clock in our dark entry way -- great at night when we come home.

-- Edward Z. of Granbury, TX

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